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Guidelines on How to Sell Your Diamonds Safely

In case you are seeking to sell you diamonds, it is important not to approach the same blindly. Selling such stones in Austin, TX, or any part of the world would be a challenge. Researching on how to approach the same is very important. Do not rely entirely on the advice of a buyer because most of them would want to make big profits. Highligted below are guidelines on how to sell your stones safely.

You should know the value of your stone before contacting anyone. Knowing the value of your gem would help outsmart dishonest buyers. Carat, clarity, color, and cut are some of the things that determine value. If your diamond is big, it would be weightier. This means more value. Colorless gems are usually costlier than colored ones. Clarity is a measure of blemishes. In case yours has no flaws, it should attract a higher price. A perfectly cut stone would be more expensive, as well. Seeking the help of a reliable appraiser is important.

You should be careful to set a practical price. Some of the factors to consider when setting your price are how fast you want your stone to sell and the state it is in. Appraisal is important prior to setting a price. Understand that such items do not sell for the same price in all markets. You ought to research regarding how much the stone is likely to sell at in your target market. It is essential to consider market trends.

It is important to choose a buyer carefully. You should decide what would work best for you between direct retail, selling through a consignment, or auction. Selling via consignment is likely to get you a higher price. Such a method, however, would take time. There is also the seller’s commission to think about. Auctions can see you get a buyer. However, just like consignments, finding a buyer might take a while whether there is a fixed date for the auction or not. If you prefer selling directly to a diamond dealer, pawnshop, or an individual buyer, you should research them before making a decision.

It is important to get a GIA certificate. Such certification would work in your favor regarding proving the integrity of your stone. Such certification would ensure that you do not end up a victim of buyers that would try to convince you that the gem is fake. A GIA certificate warrants spot-on appraisal, something that helps a seller price their stone appropriately.

It is important to clean your gemstone conclusively prior to contacting any buyer. If you prefer selling to second-hand jewelers and pawnshops, you should know that such buyers do everything they can to ensure that they part with as little money as they can. If your stone has some temporary smudges, such buyers are likely to use the same to undervalue your stone.

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