Options for Printer Ink and the Cheapest Place to Buy HP Ink Cartridges

Today, there are many printers available to buy, and it seems that none of them use the same type of ink cartridges. Thanks to rapid advancements in technology, the cartridges that are available produce high-quality documents. Whether a person is printing for professional or personal purposes, it is ideal to go with the best type of setup based on their specific needs. The experts at Yo! Yo! Inc discusses a few versions of a printer’s most critical component, the ink cartridges.

Original Cartridges

When buying a new printer, it is ready to go with new cartridges. These high-end pieces are manufactured by the same company as the printer and carry that brand name. They are typically incompatible with other models. They are some of the most expensive options when it comes to printer cartridges. People usually have sticker shock when they go to the office supply store to replace them.

Recycled Options

A very eco-friendly option is a recycled or remanufactured cartridge. This is basically a used cartridge that has been refilled with fresh ink. They are not only better for the environment, they are significantly less expensive. This is a great option for those that go through a lot of ink or have more than one printer to keep full of ink. This is perfect for those that are conscientious of price too.

Compatible Cartridges

There are compatible cartridges that are made by third-party companies, unlike brand name ink cartridges. The intent is to be able to use them with a variety of printer models. They are less expensive than what a printer comes with when purchased.

No matter how a person or small business buys their ink cartridges, they will more than likely come with two kinds of ink. This includes pigment-based as well as dye-based. The pigment-based ink will dry faster and is ideal for small printing jobs. On the other hand, dye-based ink takes longer to dry, but it does turn out more vibrant. This is the ink of choice for a larger-scale printing job or project.

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